Why Can I Only Get Semi Erect?

Just because you feel a rush of blood to the erectile tissue of the penis, it doesn’t mean that you will always achieve a 100% rock hard erection, but penis stretching can help.

Some times, no matter how much visual or audio stimulation you enjoy, and hands-on attention that you give your penis, you can still end up only semi-erect.

This can understandably be disappointing, frustrating and potentially worrying.

You’ll probably be asking yourself “Why Can I Only Get Semi Erect?”, when you’re busy doing everything that SHOULD stimulate your member into achieving a prize-winning elevation.

Well, the first thing that you need to do is…relax and chill.

Worrying about your lack of substantial erection won’t do you any good. Erectile dysfunction problems are common, and can affect any man at any age and any time. In the US alone, it’s estimated that 30 million men experience an obstacle in achieving consistent hardness.

It’s natural for guys that can only get semi-erect to want to know the secrets of how to get erect fast!

Before you aim for a world-breaking record, it’s best if you focus your attention on turning a semi into a rock hard erection that can go the distance.

Penile erection is a normal function that occurs when the arteries supplying blood to the penis open up and cause a chain reaction. Your brain reacts to physical or audio/visual stimulation and triggers a hormone response. As the blood rushes to the spongy erectile tissue in the shaft, the veins become compressed and this action makes your penis engorge and swell. Once your brain is done with sending the arousal response, your erection dampens down to its usual flaccid state.

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