What Does A Penis Pump Do?

Until someone invents a magic pill that grows your penis instantly, the best and easiest alternative method to help you achieve your desired penis length and girth gain results is a penis pump & massage oil combo. A penis pump will help you maximize your manhood combined with regular penis enlargement exercises using penis hanging weights, stretchers, and Volume & Recovery penis enlargement pills.


A penis pump creates a vacuum seal inside the cylindrical transparent tube into which you slide your flaccid penis. The vigorous pumping action forces more blood to the shaft's spongy penile tissue than normal, causing it to swell up into a hard rock erection. The erection will temporarily increase the overall length and girth size, thus helping you to achieve instantly noticeable gains in increase.

The penis pump is going to:

  • Increase the length and girth of your penis
  • Help you achieve sustained pleasure erections.
  • Intensify sexual pleasure and orgasm


Regularly using an automatic penis pump, it helps you gain length and girth inches and allows you to maintain an erection during prolonged periods of sexual activity. Although your initial gains will be temporary, regular use of the penis pump, over a period of time guarantees gains that are 100% permanent.

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