What Does A Healthy Penis Look Like?

Almost everybody with a penis wants to know if theirs are "normal," or if they have something to worry about. The thing is, penises are like fingerprints: they're unique. And while there is no right or wrong way to have a penis, there are signs and symptoms that might suggest that your penis is less than healthy.

Most of the time, if your penis doesn't hurt or cause discomfort, it's safe to say that you have normal, healthy cock. 

Think with visuals. Normal penises may be circumcised and uncircumcised, which may change the appearance of the head of the penis depending on whether or not you have a foreskin. The foreskin is a tube of skin that covers the tip of the penis, and the tube is removed when the penis is circumcised. Either way, both types of penises work the same way, and both are considered to be normal.

Penis Enlargement

There are a few odd incidents that might happen to your penis. Erectile dysfunction, discomfort during intercourse, and premature ejaculation are indicators that you may have an unhealthful penis. Although our collection contains a wide range of products to support you with your ED or premature ejaculation issues, it is also advised that you contact a doctor if these problems persist.

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