What Causes A Semi Erection?

If your brain isn’t sending the correct sexual arousal signals, your penis won’t react in the anticipated or expected way. A neurological disorder like multiple sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson’s disease can cause brain signal dysfunction.

If you have health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol, achieving a rock hard erection can be difficult, as the blood flow to the penis is compromised.

You may also have problems getting a full-on erection, and maintaining it, if your erectile tissue is damaged. This can occur as a result of medical treatment for a number of issues including cancer.

Prescription meditation often comes with a variety of side effects that can cause havoc with your ability to rise to the occasion.

‘First night nerves’ can also cause your penis to become shy of achieving a rock hard erection. Stress, tiredness, and anxiety are alternative factors that can cause you to lose an erection.

How To Get An Erection

Younger guys that can only get semi-erect are more likely to have a psychological issue that causes performance anxiety. Binge-watching porn isn’t helping the matter. Too much alcohol and/or drug use can also have a detrimental effect on your penis’s ability to stay hard during sex. To overcome the semi issue, a healthier lifestyle and a more realistic expectation of sex are essential.

If you regularly get a ‘morning glory’, your semi problem is likely to be psychological and not physical. To properly identify the cause, it’s recommended that you seek medical advice.

Around 50 percent of men aged 40-70 will experience some degree of erectile dysfunction. This is usually caused by the restriction of blood flow. Regular penis training with male enhancement devices like penis hanging weights, penis stretchers and extenders, clamps and penis pumps, can help to boost blood flow to the penis, so that a semi becomes a rock hard erection. Regular and consistent training will also help you achieve noticeable length and girth gains, and improved stamina, satisfaction and orgasm, whatever your age.

Popping a specially formulated Volume & Recovery supplement penis enlargement pill will help to speed up the healing process after regular penis workouts. A daily dose will also fire up your libido and boost semen production.

If you can only get semi-erect, making a few lifestyle changes – increasing the amount of regular physical experience, improving your dietary choices, and quitting smoking and drinking alcohol – will greatly improve your chances of achieving a rock hard erection.

How To Get Harder Erections

Improving your cardiovascular health is the optimal way in which to increase your physical strength, stamina and endurance. Shedding a few pounds in the process will also boost your confidence. As you get into shape, you’re also improving the circulation of blood through your entire body.

Directing your focus to your penis – by committing to regular penile exercises with premium quality male enhancement devices – will help to maximize blood flow to the penis. A flaccid penis that could only achieve a semi will become so pumped full of blood that a rock hard erection is inevitable.

How To Stay Erect For Hours

You don’t have to learn how to be a tantric master in order to discover the secrets of getting a rock hard erection that stays erect for hours. There are a number of practical lifestyle techniques that you can put into practice to help you maintain an erection that lasts longer.

Besides daily penis workouts with male enhancement devices like penis stretchers, extenders, penis pumps and clamps, you can practice getting into the pleasure zone with meditation, mindfulness or yoga. Believing you can last for hours will enable you to transform your semi into an erection that can maintain optimal elevation before, during, and after sex.

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