Tricks That Help You Last Longer in Bed

If you just can't wait long enough before you cum for a girl to climax, you may have some premature ejaculation rates. These hacks can help you control your timing to make your girl much happier and last longer in bed. Some of these quick fixes, such as pre-traffic masturbating, while others take more time but have more permanent solutions.


Premature ejaculation is one of men's most common sexual problems. With so much tension and a huge abundance of really good porn, many of us turned to masturbation in the middle of the day as a way to blow up some steam.

Most men feel embarrassed to admit it and shy away from doing anything to correct it. We are not doctors, but there are proven ways to help you last longer while having sex.

Focus on Your Partner

Focusing on your partner during sex is the easiest answer to remaining longer in bed. Most men commit the error of concentrating right from the start on their own sexual pleasures. Only focus on your own fun. Instead, you should focus on your partner's pleasure and help her achieve an orgasm.


Tantra training consists of attending lovemaking classes that teach a couple about being sexually responsive and extending the amount of time you enjoy. Sex tantra has many techniques and positions you can explore. From this vast subject, let us explain one technique that will help you last longer in bed.

Get Down On It

Sit in a comfortable traditional lotus position with your legs crossed and the opposite knee on each of your heels. Ask your girl to sit on your lap with her legs wrapped around your waist in front of you. Lock lips with a shared breathe, which means you should inhale while she exhales, and vice-versa. As she inhales, ask her to tighten her vaginal muscles and release on exhale. This provides both of you with more pleasure.

In this place, your girl is going to have full control of your manhood, and you can always stop her as soon as you feel that the level of excitement is going over the top. It sounds fun and wonderful. The breathing pattern that you are asked to follow will also keep your mind off the excitement that goes down below and encourage you to enjoy the upper body sensations. According to this post, to gain more knowledge of tantra teaching, you should also review the Kamasutra.

Try Using a Desensitizing Topical Cream

There are goods that can easily help you in bed to last longer. You'll last longer in bed with numbing creams. When you ejaculate too quickly, you may be helped by a topical cream or gel. All products contain natural ingredients to ensure that you do not suffer any side effects.

Meditation/Breathing Methods

In order to last longer in bed, it is important to focus on different methods of breathing and meditation. There are many different techniques that can easily improve your foreplay, sex drive, as well as help you stay in bed longer. During the intercourse, control your breathing through conscious effort while inhaling and exhaling.

Conscious breathing will slow down your heart rate and also help delay ejaculation. It will also shift your attention away from the sensitivity that you feel in your genital area and allow you to focus on your partner. With a relaxed mind and body, you will be able to last longer in bed, and give your woman a pleasurable time.

Among many other things you can do, you should touch her gently, caress her and perform oral sex. It will help you to last longer in bed when you focus on her. In addition, when you ejaculate, your partner will achieve a better and faster orgasm. It will take away some pressure from you as well.

Stop Rushing While Masturbating

One of the most common causes of premature ejaculation is the use of improper masturbation techniques with your penis. Most men are conditioned in early age to ejaculate rapidly. This may be out of fear of getting caught or the desire to satisfy oneself quickly. Unfortunately, when such a boy grows older, he remains conditioned to quickly ejaculate.

The "Start-Stop" method, however, can help you get rid of this issue and make your sex last longer. In this technique, until you reach the heights of excitement, you penetrate your penis and then stop to reduce the excitement and start stimulating again. The trick is to pass the phase of excitement. Stop as soon as you feel excited and follow it to relax your genitals with long breathing patterns.

Masturbate Before Having Sex

It is important to understand that it doesn't have to be difficult to last longer in bed. Some items can provide you with hard erections, and apps can help you learn more about how to last longer in bed. You just have to do something with your sex life. You will consult with experts and educate yourself if you are suffering from premature ejaculation. It won't take long before

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