How To Increase Semen Volume

A man’s obsession with his penis is not exclusively focused on the size of his intimate package. Whilst there are very few men who would say “no, thanks” to have a bigger dick, there are just as many who have an alternative penile concern.

Being able to achieve desirable sexual gratification and ultimate orgasmic satisfaction is not only associated with having a substantial length, girth and performance confidence. The volume of ejaculate is of equal importance to men who experience anxiety and sexual dissatisfaction. For them, knowing how to increase semen volume is a primary goal.

Interesting Facts About Semen

Are you concerned about the amount of seminal fluid that your penis expels during ejaculation? Or whether your sperm contains the necessary components required for successful human reproduction?

Instead of allowing penile concerns to ruin your sexual pleasure, it’s good to know the basic facts:

  • Technically, semen and sperm are two entirely different things – semen is the ejaculation fluid; sperm is the male reproductive cell that is found in semen (it makes up around 1% of the seminal fluid)
  • Although you may be dissatisfied with the volume of semen that your penis pumps out, the average amount of ejaculate is just about enough to fill a 5ml teaspoon
  • Peak semen production typically occurs between the ages of 30-35, and naturally decreases after the age of 55
  • There is no fertility benefit to increasing semen volume and shooting a bigger load – it’s possible to have millions of sperm in a low volume ejaculate
  • The excessive amount of ejaculate that is commonly seen flowing in porn videos is not the norm – careful camera positioning and skillful editing is responsible for the overflow of love juice
  • Not all men ejaculate
  • Men who have had a vasectomy tend to produce the same volume of ejaculate before and after the snip

How Do I Increase My Semen Volume?

Although some men are concerned that the load they’re shooting isn’t sufficient to satisfy their lover, most receptive partners rarely give a thought to the volume of ejaculate that is produced during intimacy and sex.

In many religions, semen is considered to be precious and can't be spilt or wasted, and this can increase sexual anxiety for men who are obsessed with ejaculate quantity.

The volume of semen that’s produced is related to the size of a man’s seminal vesicles. The paired organs, located behind the prostate, are the main contributors to the amount of semen that is pumped out by your penis. To increase semen production it’s important that you make a few beneficial lifestyle changes, and let go of the need to focus solely on the cubic measurements.

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