How Long Do Erections Usually Last?

When you're in the mood to get on with that, your body will immediately let you know. It can be an exciting experience we all aspire for every day to get it on with someone you like. And when everything that's going on between your legs goes well, you know that with your heartthrob you're able to have a night of fun (and your heart won't be the only thing that throbs). But can you really "go through the whole night"?

The typical erection lasts just about 5.4 minutes, according to the US National Library of Medicine. That might seem like such a short time, but the length is actually plenty of time.

Of course, this time period can be different depending on your overall health, your age, how much sexual activity you are involved in, and how you first got the erection. Nocturnal erections, commonly known as morning wood, may actually be nearly 30 minutes away with you. Masturbation may also increase the amount of time the rod is spent erect. But the erections are typically even less when you're set for intercourse.

Don't worry, the time to get it on is plenty. After all, partnerships are not the only aspect of a sexual experience-there are still plenty of other things to look forward to. And if you 're just throbbing to stay hard for longer, a healthy dose of penis enlargement products, such as the penis enhancement oil, will do the trick.


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