How Big Is The “Average” Penis?

The old adage goes, "No matter what size." And it really doesn't, in a lot of ways. However, all innuendos aside, you may be relieved to know that you have an average size of the penis more than probable. Many men are worried that their overall length, both erect and flaccid, is simply not able to stand up against potential competitors. But did you know that the average penis size is about 5.16 inches/13.10cm? The Wiley Online Library conducted a study of thousands of men to determine 5.16”/13.10cm as the average length.

How Big is the “Average” Penis?

So, let’s talk circumference. Length is great, but with no girth, will you be able to satisfy anyone? Surprisingly, the average circumference is 4.59”/11.65cm. It’s almost surprising how many guys fall into the average range, give or take an inch. You’ll always find guys who tip the scale with massive rods, but just know that isn’t the norm. In fact, just 10 percent of all males have a penis that is greater than the average. No need to cling on to the percentages because you think you're hung up enough. It is time your size felt good!

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