Good evening, it’s 12AM, I can’t sleep, want to talk to you!

I have been in love with boyfriend for about two years, the feeling is good, we also love each other. Just the day before yesterday, we went to a restaurant for dinner, that day I wore a striped sweater with a small hole in the front of my chest. It was probably designed for girls with big breasts, but it was bought by my mother, so I just put it on.

A few minutes later, he said to me, "this sweater looks good on a girl with big boobs. I changed the topic with him, and saying that there was a bow decoration on it, but then it fell off, ha~." Then he went on to say, I remember when I first met you, you had big boobs. (at that time, I was wearing adjusted underwear, so the cup was a little thick and looked like a B cup, but in fact, I wore 75A empty cups...)

I told him I was wearing adjusted underwear, so the cup was a little thicker. Then he smiled and didn't say, which really made me very sad! On the way home, I asked him when you met me, I didn't happen to be wearing adjustable underwear, if you saw my boobs were small, would you still like me? he replied: why don't you wear it now? the jar is broken, isn't it?

I'm angry. How can you joke like that? How can you make fun of me? 
My boyfriend sometimes mentions which girl‘s boobs are big and which girls are small, although it is not about me, it always makes me feel so unhappy. I can see that he likes plump girls, and I happen to have flat breasts! He also likes rubbing my chest during sex. I originally thought that the flat chest is nothing, sometimes can wear a girl's feeling, but gradually I felt that I began to have a little inferiority, because it is not plump enough? Because I can't satisfy my boyfriend's preferences? I was angry. How could he say this? Would he derail a big-breasted girl in the future? Would you dislike me? 

After having sex, he will say that you see that my chest muscles are bigger than yours. It seems that he is joking, but I just don't feel well. I don't know what to do...

As long as I think of these things, I don't like him so much. I begin to think that he is very annoying, but he really loves me, and I really like him. Apart from this, there is basically nothing wrong with him to find fault with. But I can't stand it. If he loves me, he should accept the shortcomings that are imperfect to him, and this is an irrevocable thing.

I'm really sad. I don't know what to do. Will he betray me in the future? Will he like other girls because they have big boobs?

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