Does Weight Affect Penis Size?

Still need a motivating incentive to get you started on your weight loss, physical fitness, and penis growing goals?

Well, for every 30-50lbs of excess weight that you carry, you lose an inch of the visible penis! That fatty gut is gradually hiding your manhood. Guys flaunting extreme body mass can suffer from the congenital condition known as a buried penis – where the normal size penis is hidden by excess skin.

Does Gaining Weight Make Your Penis Bigger?

Not all men ponder: “does losing weight increase penis size?”. Some guys actually have the opposite problem.

If you consider yourself to have a slim physique, or a wiry or weedy appearance, and dream of bulking up with muscle, it’s worth bearing in mind that your new proportions will alter the perceived dimensions of your penis.

Gaining weight can undoubtedly help you achieve a more defined body shape. It therefore makes sense to commit to a regular penis exercise regime alongside your weight gain training. Penis stretching workouts, using a variety of penis enlargement products, can enhance the length and girth of your manhood so that it remains in proportion to your larger frame.

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