3 things girls hate most about boys doing in bed

Most people believe that men dominate the sex, but even so, many men still lack the necessary physical knowledge, understanding and respect for women, which doesn't bring women a considerate sexual experience.

Some of the low skills in bed, not only do women not feel the pleasure, but also let the girls fly like a hundred thousand danmu ("bullet screens" in Chinese) in the brain when rolling the sheets... What kind of behavior do boys in bed make girls dislike?

1. Ignore the foreplay
Girls usually have sex arousal for longer than boys. If there is not enough foreplay and insufficient lubrication, can lead to physical pain and it is difficult to get pleasure.

2. Pull the hair, press the girl's head
Some boys like to press the girl's head or even pull the hair. To think differently, what would you feel if you were forced to press your head?

3. Keep asking the other person "is it good?"
"Baby, is it good? Is it orgasm? Is it happy? Just concentrate on your sex and shut up, okay?

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